Du Verre Hardware Die-Cast Aluminum ( Arroyo ) by William Harvey

ARROYO is the work of the amazing designer and thought leader William Harvey. Since 1989 Harveys objects have permeated the culture and influenced the interior design world. First known for introducing completely beautiful, handcrafted and sophisticated objects at New Yorks prestigious Accent on Design show, his work was quickly taken up by in-the-know consumers, design professionals and the press. His original ideas influenced a generation of young designers and not too surprisingly inspired countless imitators!ARROYO is an elegant new series of cabinet knobs and pulls for Du Verre Hardware. Its simple geometry implies luxury and ease. The slim channels that define ARROYOS silhouette are reminiscent of the incredible man made water channels that you find all over the world in architecture and in the most beautiful gardens. Arroyo in nature is a creek or natural ravine that channels water during the rainy season. Both scenes conjure up poetry for the senses.

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