Du Verre Hardware Die-Cast Aluminum ( Botero ) by William Harvey

Designed by the amazing designer and thought leader William Harvey, this new collection is subtly inviting - pleasing to the eye and hand. Harvey had this to say about his inspiration of the new collection Designing this collection was a journey I followed as my hands slowly sought the essence of new form. After many days of work, the sinuous, curvaceous and generous forms slowly emerged from hard wax. The forms were then painstakingly honed to a finish that only a dedicated craftsperson can achieve. Botero is living form.

Manufactured from RECYCLED ALUMINUM

Die cast aluminum hardware is precision crafted from post-consumer recycled aluminum. This methodology causes less impact on the environment. Using post consumer recycled aluminum reduces the generation of air and water pollution by 95%, requires only 5% of the energy and greenhouse gasses used in production of new metals, and helps prevent clear-cutting of tropical rainforests. Die cast aluminum hardware allows for precise measurements and consistent finishes, ensuring that each production piece is identical to and as flawless as the original.

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